Huge update announced for OneDrive!


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Should Windows 10 Power User Shut Down Windows Update?According to the statement made by Microsoft today, the OneDrive application is being recreated for both Android and iOS operating systems. Microsoft did not neglect to promise a completely new experience to its users.

The design and interface of OneDrive, one of the most popular cloud storage applications on mobile platforms, is completely changing. At the end of the updates that will be released piecemeal in the coming weeks, the application will have a brand new look.

With the renewed design, users will be offered a more comfortable and wider usage area on both Android and iOS platforms. Shared files can now be found much more easily.

Apart from visual changes, Microsoft has not neglected to bring preview support to the application. Now, instead of opening and checking your files one by one, you will be able to use the preview option and thus save time. File formats with preview support include PSD, PDF, Illustrator, RAW, 3D and DICOM.

Which cloud app are you using?

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