How To Find, Download And Install Free Fonts


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In this multi-part guide I’ll be explaining where and how to download and get fonts for free, and how to install them on Windows, Mac, Linux and other type of devices / operating systems.

We begin with Windows operating system.

Navigate to the website where the font is located, in this case,

find fonts to download

Find and click the font you wish to download

Click the font you wish to download

Click the Green Download Button

Click the download button to download the font

Wait a few seconds for the font to load and download to your download folder on your PC
Once the file file (a .ttf or .otf font file) has been downloaded, click it and open it

It will open with the default system font browser / installer, Click the Install button usually located at the top of the window.

Give it a second or two, after it has been installed successfully, open your favorite testing application and test the font,

 Ok, its very easy and You can try it at your house. 

In windows OS you can install many fonts at once through an application called "Font Bitstream Navigator" this application is a built-in coreldraw that you can get if you install coreldraw on your laptop. To get coreldraw software you can buy it through the official website and can be installed on a laptop that has been installed on Windows or Mac OS.

The End.

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